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If you have any other questions or would like to see more proof of my portfolio, then don't hestitate to email me at:

I'm looking for somebody, who will supply me a donation (or make that a wage) or a regular or irregular donation at the bottom of this page, (paying it through Paypal) for every cumstomised election i make for a game called "Prime Minster Forever" and also "Chancellor Forever". It is a political election strategy PC availiable to buy. I make user-made scenarios for mostly British interests, that are unpaid. The payment will be performance based (only when i complete a scenario, i don't want anything handed to me for free). This is HARD work that can take WEEKS of my time. It can be any amount of donation. I can prove it's my work, as well as snapshots and videos of unreleased work, that i talk about on my community forum. I can return the favour, with either free versions of the various Theoryspark games i have, with all the scenarios, or financial help, meaning sending back some of the money back to you, if you ever need it. I will explain the work that goes into this as you read on:

Here is the forum link to completed work:

Check up on this thread, to show i am indeed still working on these, as i give recent updates of my unreleased work:

Considering i work so many hours on it in a week and even a day, and the work that goes into these scenarios, creating the odd General Election for various countries and British Council Elections and By-elections, as well as European elections. My work ethic is great and i have never felt so productive in my life. It can take weeks to complete a scenario, even if i work on it all day. But i reckon i could finish 2 or 3 at a push. You don't have to be interested in politics to see that i work pretty hard at it.

Brief explaination of my work: It's all about coding notepad files to create your own scenario. It can take some learning curve to get used to it. There are various elements to develop a scenario. The scenario file is settle the main theme, such as title, the parties involved, and the 18 main issues involved, which can take some or alot of research. Then you have issues statements, these are to differentiate the parties political stances from Left, Centre-Left, Centrist etc. You design a map for it if unavailiable , you then have to assign co-ordinates to the region_variables file. This names all the regions and their details like towns of note in that region. Then you have to make or resize party logos and candidate logos, as well as region and issue logos. Research is needed for candidates based on their history or key movements at that specific time to give a description which appears when starting the scenario.

The most time consuming file is the ridings file, but i depends on the number of seats involved where you have to take note of results for each party involved in every constituency. An endorsers file to that is usually nationally newpapers and type whether they are in favour of any parties for this election. There is also the events file where you can put in world/UK events at that period of time, which i always do. There are also headlines for all 18 issues which takes considerable time and research. Then it can take some time for playtesting and events may be included to make the election more authentic for that specific party.

And here is a snapshot of the files i work with for a single scenario:

and here is a peek at one of the main files, the scenario file:

And here is a youtube video of the completed product in action:

So i hope you can help me, i know it is a hard sell, but i'm always going to be doing it, so it's worth using my initiative.

Prime Minister and Chancellor Forever Scenario Work i have Accomplished:

Germany - 1990 (CFE)

England 2015 (PMFE)

United Kingdom 2008 - The Tory Fightback (PMFE)

Nyarai - 2000 (PMFE)

Blackpool Council Election 2003 (PMFE)

York Council Election 2007 (PMFE)

Norwich City Council Election 2008 (& Enhanced Version - PMFE)

Kanchelska - 2008 (PMFE)

Win Favour with the Tories - Career 1st Level (PMFE)

Anarchy in the UK! (PMFE)

United Kingdom - 2005 (more regions, PMFE)

Win Favour with Labour - Career 1st Level (PMFE)

Crewe and Nantwich 2008 By-election (PMFE)

Northern Ireland - Normalised (PMFE)

Wales - 2007 National Assembly Election (PMFE)

East Renfrewshire Council - 2003 (PMFE)

Manchester Westminster Election 2005 (PMFE)

Liverpool Westminster Election 1983 (PMFE)

Edinburgh Westminster Election Feb 1974 (PMFE)

Birmingham Westminster Election 1987 (PMFE)

Conservative Leadership Election 1990 (PMFE)

United Kingdom - 1987 (PMFE)

Greater London Local Elections 2006 (PMFE)

Glasgow Westminster Election 1992(PMFE)

Glasgow Westminster Election 1951(PMFE)

Liberal Democrats Leadership Election 2007 (PMFE)

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