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Costa Del Whoria

Costa Del Whoria, officially the Republic of New Cambria (French: République de Nouvelle-Cambrie; Keva: Orvehi Ðijoro) is a country in the North Atlantic Ocean, comprising the island of New Cambria and five smaller populated islands near the boundary between the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. Home to a culturally distinct indigenous people known as the Keva, New Cambria was explored by French fur traders beginning in the 1640s, then settled mostly by Roman Catholic emigrants from Great Britain during the seventeenth- and eighteenth centuries. New Cambria experimented with limited self-rule during World War II, and declared its independence from the United Kingdom in 1956. Following a series of negotiations between the British and New Cambrian governments, the Republic of New Cambria was recognized in 1961, and functions under a parliamentary republican form of government. Arvant is its capital and largest city.

Repulic of New Cambria République de Nouvelle-Cambrie Orvehi Ðijoro Flag Seal Motto: Together Anthem: Little Child Capital (and largest city) Arvant Official language English Recognised regional languages French, Keva Ethinic groups Welsh, English, French, Irish, Keva Demonym Cambrian(s) Government - President - Prime Minister Parliamentary Republic Daniel Burns Adam Duval Independence - Declared - Recognized from United Kingdom April 29, 1956 November 4, 1961 Area - Total - Water (%) 41,508 km² 16,027 sq mi 1.7% Population - 2008 estimate - 2005 census - Density . 2,771,933 2,770,031 67/km² (173/sq mi) GDP (PPP) - Total - Per capita 2008 estimate $73,885,036,863 billion $26,673 GDP (nominal) - Total - Per capita 2007 estimate $80,217,327,729 billion $28,959 Gini (2006) 36.2 HDI (2005) 0.924 (high) Currency New Cambrian Dollar (NWD) Time Zone - Summer (DST) UTC-3.5; UTC-2.5 Internet TLD .nw Calling code +1 230