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Costa Del Whoria 2007
Beta President Forever

Student Ref: 60066857 Email Addresses to pummel: 1. Introduce yourself? I'm PT, 24, and i'm aspiring to work in the hospitality/retail industry. I'm reliable, willing to learn new skills, level-headed, friendly, easy-going, team player and always enthusiastic about the jobs i go for.

2. What are your career preferences? I am keen to work in hospitality/retail industry but also in a creative field such as Illustration, which i have currently been doing a course in Glasgow Met College.

3. How much salary you are expecting? Minimum wage, but willing to perform extra tasks for more pay.

4. What is your plan regarding continuing your education? As i am keeping my career prospects open, i am hoping to continue college in the illustration field of work if i am able to pass my current course. However, if i'm unable to continue, i will be looking for full time work in the hospitality/retail industry. 5. Tell us about your hobbies?

I have an enthusiasm for drawing (so i have previously completed a Illustration NC course recently and hoping to get into HNC), going out and meeting new people in jobs or socially, travelling. (yes, i have an urge to see as many places as possible, whenever i get myself a car, i would like to travel around the whole country and also possibly further afield.

6. What are your strengths & weaknesses? I would say my strengths are coping under pressure, dealing with many customers in such places like bars, dealing with awkward customers, refraining from being unpolite towards them. Willingness to work in a team and be professional about it, i can be quiet but that doesn't mean i'm not easy to talk to, it's infact the opposite. I'm good at telling when i feel someone or people is a detriment to the team such as having a cold or bad attitude, or unprofessional. I feel it's important that a whole team should show unity. I would say my weaknesses are i can sometimes not be vocal enough as in the past, when something's wrong. I sometimes lack concentration and daydream and bit of a slow learner. However i am able to adapt and have improved upon various skills in the past such as communication and work experience in this field.

7. Are you ready to work in a team? I'm willing to work in a team i find it much easier and happier in a good team than working alone.

8. Can you work in stress? Yes, i am comfortable in myself that i have the ability to cope with busy numbers of customers.

9. What good things you liked in your ex boss? My last boss was easy-going and talkative. I admired how he dealt with complaints in an very professional manner.

10. How do you feel working on weekend? I have no problems working in the weekend, however preferebly daytime/evenings but not nights due to lack of travel arrangements.

11. Define success? Sucess is about having a good job in a happy environment with good pay, and having good personal life.

12. How good your communication is? It is good. I have been improving over the last 2 years at college, improving in clarity of my speech which has annoyed me in the past. At college, as the class representative, i have communicated well with others over what could be improved in the college, and i gave everybody a chance to speak.

13. Where do you see yourself in next 2 years? Either working as an illustrationist, or balancing 2 hospiataliy or retail jobs at once, and maybe promoted.

14. You like trying new things or stay with old ones? I like routine, because i am able to maintain enthusiasm for long terms but i am always willing to do new tasks.

15. Why you have applied for this position? I have applied for this position because i feel i have had the experience in bar and serving food work. I have worked in busy hotel functions dealing with many customers in the bar or in waiting, serving several tables at time, helping out others clean their tables, clearing glasses, plates etc. Preparing for functions, helping a team clean literally hundreds of glasses/cutlery, helping bar staff count stock of each brand, working in pairs to serve tables, helping if they are unsure or new to the work. Working on the bar till, helping others with it.

16. Tell us about your family? I come from a happy family with both my mum and dad and 1 brother who now lives abroad. My father has worked as and under management of a letting agent in Glasgow.

17. Areas where you can revamp your skills? Getting more used to working on counter tills, being more vocal when there is a problem, and focusing on the job better and finishing it quicker.

18. What if you are not selected for this position? I will keep my head up high and carry on applying for jobs in the same field of work.

19. What makes you feel that you are the best candidate for this position? Because i cater for the customer and the team's best interests, i'm not in there for myself, i'm not going to come in with an attitude or a chip on my shoulder. I'm enthusiatic, mature, hardworking, i refrain from being unpolite, i care for others, i'm trustworthy and i'm the least difficult person to get on with in a team.

20. What you preferred, money or work? Work right now, because i need the experience more than the money. 21. An example of working well in a team? I would cover for someone in the bar or their tables as they go on a luch break. Time you were Under pressure? Working in Ibrox bar at Half-time, where there's a big rush for drinks, so you're trying to remember long list of drinks to serve sometimes. I for the most part don't feel very stressed or nervous at all, and that surprises me, because i'm not the most outgoing person. What you achieved as a team? Order Finish London 2006 Local Elections Done Glasgow 1951 Westminster Elections 2003 East Renfrewshire 1990 Conservative Leadership Election Birmingham Westminster Election 1987 Edinburgh Westminster Election Feb 1974 Liverpool Westminster Election 1983 Manchester Westminster Election 2005 Welsh Assembly 2007 NI Assembly 2007 Costa Del Whoria: Map: Nightclub- 5 districts Party Islands -Undivide smallest islands, keep same. strand keep state, downtown 4 districts, posh - 4 districts, red light district-north & south, gay - 3 districts 1 tranny region outside red light. measurements: Party logo: 79x39 black background: inner glow black solid option, precise, Choke 6 Size 38. Party colour measurement: outer glow, solid, softer, Spread 5, Size 13. 9th sep